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    Tonaltopia, 5427 KB, Image Editing, Appnotix, LLC, Multimedia Design

    ◐ Tonaltopia 1.02

    Tonaltopia creates a black and white, toned or sepia photo to evoke a sense of nostalgia in your image. Sometimes the goal is to make the new photo look like an old photograph -- evoking a sentimental feeling from you, as if you're recalling a faded memory from long ago or create a monochromatic photo opting using sone color rather than the entire spectrum to give your photo a more powerful result. Tonaltopia's color filters will give your photo depth by holding back selected colors in the image. They are easy to use and each filter will give your photo a different range of depth and tone: - The yellow filter introduces a subtle change to to yellows, oranges and red which become slightly lighter. - The red filter has a serious effect on tones. Pink and orange tones in a photo will become almost white while the blue and green become very dark. - The green filter can be seen affecting the blue and green which become much lighter while the orange and red ones go darker. - The blue filter has a similar effect on colors, making reds and oranges become a touch darker and blues and greens slightly lighter.

    OS X OeXjH.Tonaltopia.v.3.02.app (4450 KB)
    Updated MacOS HOg4-ver-1.6-Tonaltopia.dmg (6295 KB)
    for Sierra version.2.02.Tonaltopia.czA.dmg (4558 KB)
    to 10.11 1.5_Tonaltopia_4mkr.tar.gz (5861 KB)
    Mojave PEg_vers.1.4_Tonaltopia.pkg (5155 KB)
    Featured Sierra VERS.1.3_TONALTOPIA_Z7SZQ1.TAR.GZ (5698 KB)

    Appnotix, LLC

    Updated for Mac mini WV6n_Kitchen_Sync_v_1.6.2.tar.gz (2171 kbytes) 1.6.4
    Updated MacBook KC3xh-Jelly-Defense-1.14.tar.gz (89689 kbytes) 1.15
    Best iMac Pro My.Health.Report.ver.1.2.cEOJ.pkg (5953 kbytes) 3.0
    Version MacBook Pro Redemption_Cemetery:_Salvation_of_the_Lost_CE_v_3.0.0.15_g2rxel.pkg (694241 kbytes)

    [4938 kb] Software EFqqW Tonaltopia 1.4 3.02 for Mac Pro
    [4721 kb] Tonaltopia version 1.3 XQotna 3.02 Recomended 10.12
    [5589 kb] Free VERS.1.5 TONALTOPIA VH4M 1.4 Version MacBook Air
    [5372 kb] App version 1.6 Tonaltopia gqw6H9 2.02 Featured! version

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